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Why Get a Table Lamp?

Written by Cindy L

Table lamps are generally not the fist thing to come in mind when you thing about shopping for your house decoration. There are lot of things that are more fun than shopping for some table lamp.  You might think that looking for a bed or some big furniture are more necessary than a simple table lamp. This brings back to the question, why would you even get a desk lamp if you don’t  think that it is that useful? However, they might be needed more than you expected. Here are some reasons why you should get one.

Transform your space

I might not notice it but a table lamps is actually an element that can transform your whole decor. It helps you bring the atmosphere that you are looking for in your living space. For example, your room is a study room, you will be able to accentuate and give the vibe of the room by putting an industrial light on your desk. The simple and minimalist look of the lamp will bring out the serious and studious ambiance that you are pursuing.

Modern Glam-Table Lamp-Desk Lamp

Eliana Gerotto Patricia Urquiola Caboche Design Desk Lamp Modern Glam Table Lamp Reproduction

You might also want for your bedroom to go in a completely different direction than your study room. Your bedroom is a place where you want to relax and get comfortable. Illuminating your room with a cozier and warmer tones would bring change the character of the surroundings.

Easy to reach

Compared to other type of lights, table lights are generally located closer to you. That means that a table light would be the primary source of light that shines upon you. In your bedroom for example, when reading a book, your table light will be the one that will help you read in your bed before going to sleep. Since it is close to your, you will be able to turn it off just as easily as you were able to turn it on!

Mid Century-Table lamp- Scandinavia Design

Verner Panton Scandinavia Design Panthella Lamp Mid Century Table Lamp Reproduction

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