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Mid-Century Wall Light and why you should get them

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The Mid-Century Modern style of home decor is as the name suggests, modern. Sometimes unconventional, most of the time minimalist, mid century lighting style often uses metals, plastics and acrylics. It uses geometrical shapes and the balance between straight lines and curves to create a harmonious blend of style. Choosing a mid century modern wall light can bring to your house a sense of clean and elementary style while adding a dash of eccentricity.

Clean, Sleek wall light


Led Procyon Silver Color Ultra Luminous Modern Glam Wall Light Vanity Lighting Sconces


The Led Procyon Silver Color Ultra Luminous Wall Light is simply designed to provide the maximum of light while occupying less space. Extremely utilitarian, this wall sconce is elegant in its simplicity.


Modern and simple



modern glam sconce wall light BL7 BestLite British design aluminum

The BL7 BestLite British offers you the simplicity and the elegance that you require for a modern home. The practical yet beautiful soft curves of this wall sconce is sure to bring a gentleness to your decor. The simple yet unique features of this light  will effectively illuminate your space with a dash of modernity.


Eccentric designs



Serge Mouille Scandinavian Style 2 Arms Swivel Rotating Carbonized Steel Black Modern Glam Vanity Wall Light 52″

The 2 Arms Swivel Rotating Wall Light is part of the collection of light fixtures inspired by the creations of Serge Mouille. Bold and dynamic, the carbonised black steel head is very flexible and can be manipulated easily to light up your rooms at any angle. Similar to the 1 Arm Swivel Rotating Wall Light, this structure is composed of sleek, elegant lines and angles. This wall lamp head features smooth, rounded angles while the neck is sleek, angular lines. This balance between curves and angles aim to bring a balance to the decor of the house.


Serge Mouille Scandinavian Style 1 Swivel Rotating Arm Carbonized Steel Black Modern Glam Vanity Wall Light

The 38″ Swivel Rotating Vanity Wall light was inspired from the designs of Serge Mouille, a famous architect known for his creation of this contemporary, extremely adaptable collection of light fixtures. Composed of sleek lines and sharp angles, this wall light is a simple, yet dynamic design. With the entire frame made of enameled black steel, the head is extremely malleable and can be tilted to illuminate a room at any angle. Bold and creative, this wall light is perfect for a modern home.

Mid Century style lighting is a modern and minimalist style of lighting for your home. However, that does not mean that each and every fixture are not unique in their own ways.

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