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Why Choose the Farmhouse Style?

Written by Cindy L

Throughout the years, the farmhouse style has been a decor that was very popular in homes of people. The old pieces of woods as well as antique elements is mostly what the typical classical farmhouse style would incorporate. Characteristics such as pinned furniture, the wrought iron and big comfortable furniture are also other important characteristics of the this traditional country style. However, why would old we incorporate old vintage elements into our decor? Why is the farmhouse style is so popular, especially in lighting designs? Here is a list of  reasons why the farmhouse lighting style is so popular.

1. The Warm Atmosphere of the Farmhouse Ceiling light

The warm atmosphere that provides the farmhouse style makes the space more approachable. Contrary to the typical lights, that sometimes brings the feeling of luxury makes sometimes some people feel uneasy. However, the farmhouse ceiling lights style is the style that makes you feel at ease. The welcoming and wonderful energy, makes you feel at home for you and for your guest.


Rustic Wood Orb Globe Fixture Antique Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light 24″


The Rustic Wood Orb Pendant Ceiling Light for example, demonstrates with its weathered ivory wood rings which is reminiscent to the cathedrals of old, the warmth that this farmhouse ceiling light projects in this room.




2.Family Friendly 

The farmhouse lighting style makes the whole space dynamic change into and family friendly atmosphere. It appeals in its authenticity and inspires you to comfort and relaxation. The ambiance that the light projects invite you to sit down and take a coffee while talking to someone.


4 Bulbs Walnut Collingwood Cage Cube Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light 15″


This Cube Walnut Wood Cage pendant is inspired by the Farmhouse and Rustic lighting styles and is refreshing in its simple but unique design. Perfect to invite a friendly atmosphere.




3.Style Adaptability of the Farmhouse

Full of charm, the farmhouse lighting design is very versatile. It can fit with pretty much anything and arranging the decor is not very hard. This style can easily be mixed with the industrial or more traditional one. The wood texture or the black iron often found in the farmhouse style blends very well with anything.


Wood Wine Barrel Bar Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light

4.A New Farmhouse Ceiling light style!

For people that might not exactly be a fan of the classic style, the farmhouse design also have something else in reserve. Now, they also have a modern version of it. The new design holds a touch of a more modern and urban elements. Perfect for those that are looking for something more welcoming but not necessary to “classic”.


Rectangular Wood Shade with Wire Mesh Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light

The Rectangular Wood Shade Pendant Ceiling Light with Wire Mesh is  designed after the Farmhouse and Industrial lighting style. Its industrial touch gives it a whole new look. 

There are many reasons to why someone would choose the Farmhouse lighting style. Whether it is for it warmth, its family friendly atmosphere, its style adaptability or even its new reinvented style, the farmhouse shows that it is simply perfect in every way. It will make a great statement piece in your living room or even in your kitchen.

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