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Choosing the right crystal chandelier

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Why even get a crystal chandelier to decorate your room when there are so many choices out there? True, a crystal chandelier may not suit everyone taste, but to many, adding a chandelier to their room enhances the feeling of luxury and elegance of their rooms, and increases the wow factor of their home.

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Crystal chandeliers come in different shape or sizes, and is not restricted to be only used in more social settings such as the kitchen or the dining room. Below you will find some examples of crystal chandeliers that can be used in different rooms of the house.

The Classic Chandelier


Here we have the classic chandelier, the one we usually picture when it is first mentioned. These types of chandeliers are usually big in size, therefore goes into the bigger rooms of the house. The foyer above the staircase or the dining room, anticipate the height of your ceilings before purchasing a traditional chandelier.

The Modern Crystal Chandelier 


Here we have a more modern model of a chandelier. Still big in size, but with an adjustable height, this can accommodate rooms with lower ceilings. This crystal chandelier will look studding above your dining room or kitchen island as it refracts the light onto its surroundings.

Small Sized Chandeliers


This is a smaller chandelier that can be installed in smaller rooms such as your bedroom or bathroom. With its adjustable length, this chandelier can easily adapt to the height of your ceiling. Adding a crystal chandelier such as this in your bedroom or even your hallway will add a dash of luxury and decadence without the need to invest in a larger scale chandelier nor the need for a larger room.


Here is another small scale crystal pendant, showing you that there are many styles of small crystal chandeliers that you can buy. Similar to the Odeon chandelier, the bubbles pendant is small in size yet the silver shimmery silk shade adds magic to the whole design. Ideal for a luxurious bathroom or bedroom, this elegant pendant ceiling light takes little to no space and will instantly give your room an upgrade.

In conclusion, crystal chandeliers can be used in all the rooms of your house depending of the size and styles. What are you still waiting for? Go find the best tiny chandelier for your bedroom! Visit us at www.lightingmust.com to browse our wide selections of crystal chandeliers

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