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What Makes the Vintage Aspen Wood Farmhouse Ceiling Light Special?

Written by Cindy L

Nowadays, nothing can make people surprised anymore. With new technologies and incredible improvements in practically every field of research, people seemed to have lost this wow factor. Without realizing it, they end up taking everything for granted and don’t realize how special these things are. The same goes for light fixtures. I will be here to try to revive this wow factor and make you realize what is it that makes this Vintage Aspen Wood Farmhouse Ceiling light so special.

The intricate details

Composed of sleek criss-crossing iron rings fixed in place by a ring of weathered wood, this vintage pendant is astonishing in its simple and artful design. A four branched candelabra hangs at the center of this wood and metal pendant light, with four candle-style light bulbs to enhance the old-fashioned style.

Globe Orb-Farmhouse-Pendant-Ceiling Light

Vintage Aspen Wood Steel Frame Globe Orb Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

The round, orb-like shape of this farmhouse pendant light brings a softer touch to the light and create a soothing presence in any room this ceiling light is placed in.

The Room Suitability

You might not notice, but this light fits with almost every room! Installed above the kitchen island, the light will create a soothing atmosphere to prepare your meals and to illuminate your space. You will also be able to  dine in a peaceful environment while admiring the soft light created by the candle-style bulbs of the Aspen Globe Pendant.

 Globe Orb - Farmhouse - Pendant - Ceiling Light

Vintage Aspen Wood Steel Frame Globe Orb Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture


Also add a note of nostalgia in your living room decor. Finally, this Vintage Globe Pendant will bring a sense of comfort to your bedroom with its gentle shape and muted colors. The warm and gentle shade of light of this Vintage Wood Farmhouse Ceiling light is indeed unique.

I hope that you were able to know how special this Pendant light is. For more information and details about other types of light, visit Lighting Must !

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