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What kind of wall lights should you put in your bedroom?

Written by Cindy L


At times, finding the right wall light in your bedroom can be quite difficult. There are many style to choose from and you might not know what really fits with the arrangement of your decor. However, depending on the style of your decor as well your preference, you will be able to cross out a large majority of undesirable lights that you might not think fits best. Here are some wall lights for you to choose. 

Mid Century Wall Light

For a simple and elegant bedroom, the mid century wall light is a perfect choice to choose from. Who does’t like simplicity for an elegant decor? Sometimes, it is best not to try to much and embrace the other features of the room without having this be statement piece that will steal all of the attention. The mid century wall light adds a subtle touch of style that will complete your bedroom.

serge-mouille-scandinavian-style-1-swivel-roating-arm-carbonized-steel-black-modern-glam-vanity-wall-light-192-lightingmust-com-canada-1 (1)

Serge Mouille Scandinavian Style 1 Swivel Rotating Arm Carbonized Steel Black Mid Century Vanity Wall Light 38″

This Swivel Rotating Vanity Wall light was inspired from the designs of Serge Mouille, a famous architect known for his creation of this contemporary, extremely adaptable collection of light fixtures. Perfect in your bedroom, this wall light combines practicality and beauty. 


LED Procyon Silver Color Ultra Luminous Mid Century Wall Light Vanity Lighting Sconces

Continuing in the same file of thoughts, this mid century LED Procyon is a modern and efficient design to illuminate your bedroom to its fullest. The streamlined wall sconce is discreet and will effectively illuminate your rooms without overwhelming the decor of your home. If you are looking for something not to overwhelming but also has a modern design, it is recommended for your to chose this wall light. 

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The industrial wall light is a design that is conceived for people that are looking for small touches of originality in their bedroom. The material is the primordial element into what makes the industrial wall light. Most often, there are two main things for the industrial lights. One would be the stocking metal finish and the other one would be the use of humble material to inspire a vintage look. If your room falls into the category of a more rustic and interior design, the industrial wall light is perfect for you. 


1 Head Iron Pipe Industrial Style Wall Sconce Light 8″

The 1 Head Iron Pipe Wall Sconce is a truly industrial style light, taking inspiration from the lighting styles of the old factories and weather braving fishing boats. Designed to create impact, this streamlined iron wall sconce looks ready to brave the weathers of the outdoors, and is perfect for the rooms of an adventurous soul.

Modern Glam Wall Light

Modern glam wall lights are an effective way to brighten your bed room with style and glam. The beautiful designs will upgrade your room into making it more elegant and luxurious. The modern glam wall lights are subject to good and pleasant compliments because they are the types of light to stand out in a good way. The beautiful style will simply enhance your bedroom in every way possible.


Modern glam sconce wall light BL7 BestLite British design aluminum

The practical yet beautiful soft curves of this wall sconce is sure to bring a gentleness to your decor. The simple yet unique features of this light  will effectively illuminate your space with a dash of modernity.

Hope you liked these wall lights recommendations and that you will be able to find the right one to decorate your bedroom. Lighting Must will be more then happy to help you with other types of lighting fixtures that you might need in the future.

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