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Wall lights: style up your home!

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When thinking about light fixtures, we often only think about ceiling lights, often omitting other types of home lighting such as floor lamps and wall lights.  Here are some special, quirky and eccentric wall lights that can accentuate the style of your home.

In my post about the lighting styles, I explain more in depth about the other lighting style.

Nautical style wall lights



The 1 Head Iron Pipe Wall Sconce is a truly industrial style light, taking inspiration from the lighting styles of the old factories and weather braving fishing boats. Designed to create impact, this streamlined iron wall sconce looks ready to brave the weathers of the outdoors, and is perfect for the rooms of an adventurous soul.

Mid-Century wall lightsserge-mouille-scandinavian-style-2-arms-swivel-roating-carbonized-steel-black-modern-glam-vanity-wall-light-193-lightingmust-com-1

The 2 Arms Swivel Rotating Wall Light is part of the collection of light fixtures inspired by the creations of Serge Mouille. Bold and dynamic, the carbonized black steel head is very flexible and can be manipulated easily to light up your rooms at any angle. Installing mid-century wall lights in your home really adds a contemporary look to your house.

Industrial wall lights


The Water Pipe Flower Pot Pendant Ceiling Light is definitively a one of a kind wall light. The frames of this wall light is made from pipe-like structures and each of the three light bulbs are attached to a faucet giving this water pipe pendant a truly factory made style. In addition to the raw industrial fixture, three flower pots hang from the main frame, making it possible to plant flowers or herbs for your kitchen.

So as you can see, there are many more possibilities to light fixtures than ceiling lights. Wall lights can accentuate your style just as well as a ceiling light and can work with the ceiling lights to create a harmonious decor.

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