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Verner Panton: An Innovator in Interior Designing

verner panton, lighting, floor lamp
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Verner Panton, famous Danish furniture, lighting and interior designer was an innovator of his time. To this day, his design are still in production and extremely popular. His unique use of color, shape, and material created designs that was as much furniture as pieces of art to be displayed.

Continuing our series about famous interior designer who left their mark in lighting history, here is an introduction to the creative mind of Verner Panton.

Verner Panton: a short biography

Born in 1926, Verner Panton originally dreamed of becoming an artist, but later focused his learning in architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. His unique creative mind already shined through his designs as he came up with revolutionary design concepts such as the S chair, a plastic chair curved in an S shape that supports itself with its shape.

Vernon Panton opened up his own design studion in 1955, and became a lighting designer for Louis Poulsen alongside Poul Henningsen, another famous Danish designer.

Using his bold and innovative style, Verner Panton created one-of-a-kind lighting pieces, combining shape, functionality, and beauty. His use of bold color and striking shapes distinguished him from fellow designer and breathed life and character into all of his designs.

Verner Panton died in 1998, but his legacy in continued in his works and designs that are still relevant to this day.

Famous Lighting Designs by Verner Panton

The Panthella Series

verner panton, lighting, floor lamp

Verner Panton Scandinavia Design Panthella Lamp Mid Century Floor Lamp Reproduction

Inspired from the designs of famous Danish Designed Verner Panton, the Panthella-style floor lamp is a comforting presence with its soft curves. Shaped like an umbrella or a mushroom, the Panthella inspired floor lamp casts a gentle light onto its surrounding with its opaque acrylic light shade. Composed of smooth, soft lines, this contemporary lamp is perfect for a modern home with a simple decor. Designed to bring a quiet sense of comfort, the Panthella inspired floor lamp will be a soothing presence in a bedroom or the living room.

verner panton, table lamp, lighting, lamp

Verner Panton Scandinavia Design Panthella Lamp Mid Century Table Lamp Reproduction

the Panthella inspired table lamp is a small and soothing piece of furniture in a home. The smooth and modern shape of this lamp is reminiscent of a mushroom or an umbrella. The opaque acrylic diffuser casts a gentle light onto the space this table lamp occupies.  Paired with lighter or darker furniture, the Panthella-style floor lamp is the ever-reliable anchoring element of the living room.

In conclusion, Verner Panton was a pioneer and innovator of lighting design who still influences designer in modern times to think outside the box and use bold shape and colors to convey emotions and movement.

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