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Serge Mouille: a Lighting History

When talking about famous light fixture designs and lighting designer who has left their mark on lighting trends and its history, the famous french design Serge Mouille cannot be overlooked.

Serge Mouille: A journey in creativity

Born on December 24, 1922, French designer Serge Mouille attended the École des Arts Appliqués, where he learned and trained as a silversmith from 1936 to 1941. Once his studies complete, Serge Mouille continued to as an assistant to Gilbert LaCroix, a renown sculptor who also taught at the École des Arts Appliqués, gaining knowledge and experience until eventually he himself became a teacher to open his own metal working studio.

Serge Mouille’s designs ranged from chandeliers, wall sconces, various other light fixtures and works of art that would span throughout the rest of his life. His most famous series “Serie Noir”, all feature swiveling heads, angular shapes and and black matte color. The minimalist aesthetic and the “bug-like” designs of the lights and wall sconces made gave his designs a one of a kind style which revolutionized interior design trends.

In 1955, Serge Mouille received the Charles Plumet Prize for his outstanding works in architecture and design. After a long and distinguished career as an architect, designer and creator, Mouille finally retired from his design works in 1963 to focus fully on his teaching career to inspire the minds of a new generation of artists.

Serge Mouille died on December 24, 1988, yet he has left a profound mark in interior architecture history and his works are still displayed across Paris and various other museums of interior designs.

Serge Mouille’s most famous works

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Serge Mouille 3 Rotating Arms Carbonized Steel floor lamp

Part of the collection of lights inspired by the creations of Serge Mouille, the 3 head Rotating Carbonized Steel Black Floor Lamp is an eccentric modern creation. With three flexible heads made of carbonised black steel that can illuminate the room at any angle, this floor lamp is a modern hydra. Innovative in style, this 3-head floor lamp is simple, but brings an incredible amount to the decor of your house.

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Serge Mouille 3 Rotating Arms Carbonized Steel Flush Mount

Each carbonized black steel head of the Serge Mouille 3 Rotating Arms Carbonized Steel Flush Mount is extremely flexible and can be directed in any direction. the sleek minimalist style is perfect fro any modern home.

serge mouille, wall light, lightingmust

Serge Mouille 2 Arms Swivel Rotating Carbonized Steel Wall Light

Similar to the 1 Arm Swivel Rotating Wall Light, this structure is composed of sleek, elegant lines and angles. This wall lamp head features smooth, rounded angles while the neck is sleek, angular lines. This balance between curves and angles aim to bring a balance to the decor of the house.

The works and designs pieces of Serge Mouille are even more relevant in this day and age where the minimalist trend is on the rise again. Now, when you are thinking about changing up the style of your home, you can take inspiration from the revolutionary designs of this French designer whose passion for his art left a mark in history.

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