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Scandinavian lighting design

Written by Cindy L

Simple, warm and timeless, the Scandinavian decor inspires and creates a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere. Perfect during the cold season where long days without natural light happens, it is not surprising that proper lighting becomes almost indispensable to the decor of your home. These Scandinavian lights are stripped down from extravagant and frivolous accessories. They rather welcome simplicity and functionality in one light.  Principal concept of this style, comfort. Creating a soft and warm ray of light similar to the glow of a candle, there is no need of  big and powerful light. This Scandinavian design lighting is offered for all sorts of lighting fixture such as ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights.

Verner Panton Scandinavian Design Panthella Lamp Mid Century Table Lamp 


Verner Panton Scandinavia Design Panthella Lamp Mid Century Table Lamp Reproduction

The smooth and modern shape of this lamp is reminiscent of a mushroom or an umbrella. The opaque acrylic diffuser casts a gentle light onto the space this Table lamp occupies. A perfect soothing presence in a bedroom on a nightstand, a commode, or the living room, the Panthella inspired table lamp is perfect for a modern home with a soothing decor. You will be able to go to sleep with the soothing presence of this Scandinavian inspired table lamp at your bedside table.

 Poul Henningsen Artichoke Design Mid-Century Pendant Ceiling Lights 


Mid-Century- Pendant-Ceiling Lights

19″ Poul Henningsen Artichoke Design Mid-Century Pendant Ceiling Lights Reproduction

Inspired by the famous Danish architect Poul Henningsen’s design, the Artichoke-style Pendant Ceiling Lights, available in big or small is a unique and contemporary creation. Offered in white, bronze, or silver, this modern pendant light remains true to its namesake, and is shaped to resemble an artichoke. Dozens of acrylic petals are layered one on top of the other to form a blooming flower structure that is both organic and futuristic. Impressively designed, the Artichoke-style pendant ceiling light is poetic, minimalist and remains a timeless classic in the Scandinavian home decor style. Sophisticated and one of a kind, this artful pendant ceiling light will definitively impress installed above your dining table.

Poul Henningsen PH50 Lamp Inspired Scandinavian Design Mid Century Pendant Ceiling Light Reproduction

This Scandinavia Design Pendant Ceiling design takes inspiration from the works of famous Danish architect, Poul Henningsen. This simply designed ceiling lamp is composed of several shades created to eliminate glare and distribute the light evenly. The smooth curves of this lamp creates a poetic yet functional light fixture. This Poul Henningsen inspired lamp is clean, minimalist, and contemporary.

Mid Century Ceiling Light P1 Lamp Aluminum

Mid Century-Ceiling Light-Lamp

Mid Century Ceiling Light P1 Lamp Aluminum

Emphasizing of a practical beauty, this beautiful pendant light composed of soft curves that will add a gentleness to a minimalist decor and contributes to mellowing out the angles and lines of the room. Shaped almost like a blooming flower, this lamp adds an organic note to the decor while still modern in style. This simple Scandinavian design reflects a plain but stylish structure that is able to fit with almost every type of decor. You can also check our our Mid century guide to help you.

Poul Henningsen Scandinavian Design Snowball  Mid Century Pendant Ceiling Light 

Ceiling Light -Pendant -Mid Century-Scandinavia Design

Poul Henningsen Scandinavia Design Snowball Lamp Mid Century Pendant Ceiling Light

In a true Scandinavian style, this lamp invokes the cool climate of the North while bringing comfort and coziness with its soft and simple design. Perfect for a modern home, the snowball ceiling lamp is composed with clean lines and smooth curves to give it a minimalist and out of the ordinary look. The light refracted on the surface of each layers gives an impression of the colour being baby pink.
As you can see there are so many choices of Scandinavian lighting designs. I am sure that you will be able to get the perfect one for you. Shop at Lighting Must to find even more Scandinavian designs for the best price and quality possible.

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