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PH Louis Poulsen artichoke chandelier pendant ceiling light

PH Louis Poulsen artichoke chandelier pendant ceiling light
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The 24″ Poul Henningsen inspired Artichoke-style Pendant Lights is a grandiose and classically designed ceiling light. This sophisticated pendant light is composed of multiple layers of petals made from acrylic to form the shape of an artichoke, as its name dictates. Coming in silver, white, or silver, the Artichoke-style pendant light fits right into any contemporary home with a minimalist decor. The many color availibilities are made for you to choose what fits you best. Complementing the style of the clean and cozy Scandinavian decor, this ceiling pendant will bring a sense of comfort wherever it is installed.The reproduction of this famouss Danish designer will be the perfect piece to complete your room.  Impressive in size, this Mid-Century modern light is the perfect centerpiece for a large room fit for social gatherings. 

PH Louis Poulsen artichoke chandelier pendant ceiling light

Room Suitability

  • Living room light: Enhance your living room by adding to your decor a grandiose and well designed pendant light. You will definitely see a difference with the 24 Artichoke-style ceiling light.
  • Foyer light: Illuminate your surroundings with this classic and sofisticated piece of art by placing it above your foyer.
  • Dining room light: Chose this multi layered petals made from acrylic and let this pendant light shine upon the rest of your dining room.
  • Kitchen island light: Accentuate your minimalist kitchen with the perfect centerpiece in the middle of your kitchen island.


  • Diameter: 23.6″ (60 cm)
  • Height: 20″ (50.8 cm)

Illuminate your restaurant with this sophisticated pendant ceiling light and leave your customers breathless. The use of this light for commercial space will be perfect espacially with a cozy Scandinavian decor.


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