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The most Popular Lighting Styles of 2018

Written by Cindy L

Lighting in interior decoration is often neglected or forgot about. What people don’t realize is that it is often the key element into what is going to make the space different from the others. The subtle touch that the lights and its structure provides aims to create the perfect ambiance that you might be looking for your specific room. The addition of a particular light such as a modern crystal light for example, might change your shabby room into a luxurious and beautiful space. It all depends of the lighting style. Here are the trendiest lighting styles of 2018 .

1. Sputnik Ceiling Lights

As you may know, the Sputnik Design is named after the famous satellite in space. Created in all types of size and intricate lights, Sputnik Lights  fit in most of home decor as it brings a touch of originality. When illuminated by the light, this gold fixture will reflect warmth unto its surroundings. This eccentric, contemporary design will fit right in in a modern home seeking to add a little warmth to its decor. The gold plated metal is what makes this light such a unique design. Furthermore, the Sputnik Spike Ceiling Light will accentuate any space that it is placed in.


Polished Nickel Sputnik Fixture Modern Glam Flush Mount ceiling Light 20″

  • The Nickel Sputnik Ceiling Light is an eccentric flush mount that will bring a burst of optimism to your home


2. Whimsical Pendant Ceiling lights

We all sometimes miss the beautiful memories of our childhood. The mystical stories of mermaids and unicorns which use to be our favorites were meant to fulfill the curiosity for the out of ordinary world. Something that was not something new. Throughout time, we thought that our playful side would be suppressed, but that is not the case. Our lighting choices is the first victim. Whimsical lighting choices highlights a beautiful blend of elegance and the nostalgia. These whimsical pendant are often in the shape of an orb or a globe pendant ceiling light

victorian-globe-industrial-pendant-ceiling-light-upc143-canada-lightingmust-com-01 (1)

Victorian Globe Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light

The enchanting Victorian Globe Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light is a blend between futuristic and antique styles. Taking elements from Victorian chandeliers, this ceiling pendant light shelters an elegant silver chrome candelabra in its center. However, a globe of glass encases the source of light, transforming the entire structure into a almost futuristic statement piece. Made of glass and silver chrome, this globe pendant is a majestic, modern piece perfect for a home with a modern yet nostalgic design. The Pendant Ceiling light will transport you into another world with its dreamlike design in the shape of a beautiful glass ornament.

3. Gold and Copper Ceiling lights

Increasing in popularity, gold and copper combined with a brushed matte finish are statements colors. Gold and copper fixtures are elements that provides more warmer tones that will make you feel cozy and relaxing feeling. Putting an end to the time of beige and neutral colors, we must welcome wholeheartedly the shiny gold of these ceiling lights. 


Vintage 6 Light Heads Copper Brass Wire Shade Mesh Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture 23″












The Copper Brass Wire Shade Mesh Pendant for example is a vintage classic. The warm and serene atmosphere is truly popular in home decors.

4. Chandelier Ceiling lights 


Elizabeth Crystal Silver Leaf Finish Modern Glam Chandelier Ceiling Lights

Statement pieces are perfect to accentuate your space. Now that they are trending again it is the occasion for you to take this chance and get yourself a piece that screams originality. You can now put the beautiful chandelier that you wished before but couldn’t because people would think that it is not in style. For others, this statement piece could be interpreted as something unique and pleasing to the eye. Using a big and dramatic light will leave your guest astonished, weather it is in the kitchen, the living room, or the entrance.

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