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Modern Glam ceiling light: how to find the right one?

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The modern Glam style is known to be luxurious, over-the-top and dramatic. Finding the right ceiling light fixture can be the perfect solution to consolidate the style of your home. This article will guide you through the process of how to find the right Modern Glam light for your home.

Metallics and Neutrals


Drum Shade Bird Nest Modern Glam Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The use of metals and neutral colors have always been central to the Modern Glam style. Basic neutral colors such as white, beige, brown, grey, and black, and featured heavily in Modern Glam home decor as they are colors that are easily matched, and does not easily clash with the rest of the bold colored furniture.  While neutral colors create an excellent foundation, metal finishes brings a little extra wow factor to the space. Gold, rose gold, silver, bronze, are all metallic tones that you will definitely find in a Modern Glam home. When going for a monochromatic Modern Glam look, a black ceiling light is perfect to create contrast with the crystals to create a dark and glamorous look.

A Touch of Nostalgia


Elizabeth Crystal Silver Leaf Finish Modern Glam Chandelier Ceiling Lights

Modern Glam is also known as Hollywood Glam and aims for luxury and drama, and what is more dramatic than antique designs of the Elizabethan Era. Swooping vintage chandeliers, bedazzled with crystals to refract the light will really enhance the feeling of decadence in your house. Elegant and breathtaking, crystal chandeliers are a must have in a modern glam home. For homes with lower ceilings, crystal flush mounts are easy to find, or a smaller chandelier will not leave less of an impression in a beautifully decorated bedroom.

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Dramatic and Bold Ceiling light


Astral Sputnik Satellite Starburst 4 Light Modern Glam Chandelier Ceiling Light

The modern Glam style aims to create a visual impact and to leave a memorable impression. What a modern glam home needs is a statement piece that showcases your unique style. A Unique looking ceiling pendant light can be the right way to go. Crystals or metallic tones, find yourself a modern glam statement ceiling light and the style of your whole room will be enhanced. Modern Glam is a  bold and over-the-top style, so don’t be scared to find an eccentric and luxurious ceiling light to accentuate your style.

Emphasis on Comfort


Crystal Iron Frame 6 Light Candelabra Atom Orbed Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier Ceiling Light

Sure, Modern Glam is all about bring bold, being unique, but it is also about luxury and decadence, and that means indulging in pleasure and comfort. Cool metals are softened buy richly colored rugs, bold colored furniture are toned down by the neutral background. Home design is about balancing the colors and the shapes, and a modern glam house needs it too. Put emphasis on your comfort. Rounded lights softens your surroundings, while crystals can cool down your decor while adding bling.

While this is a short guide on how to choose the right ceiling light for your Modern Glam home, there are many style of Modern Glam, some bolder, some more muted, you just have to find the right light that corresponds to your style!

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