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Metal ceiling light vs Wooden ceiling light

Written by Cindy L

Ceiling light are probably the most important key element that you can find in an interior decor. However, even though this crucial lighting fixture is subject to play one of the most important role of the decor, there are still so many type of ceiling light. Not only that, ceiling light can be made of so many different type of material. From a cold material such as the metal ceiling light, to the more  laid back wooden ceiling light, these two type of ceiling lights are both great choices to put in your house. If you are not able to decide which on you should get, here is a guide to help you do so.

Metal ceiling light

Metal ceiling light are most of the time associated with Industrial Ceiling Light. You will most likely to use this style of ceiling light if you want a minimalist decor. Metal ceiling lights are used to create a minimalist decor. Their goal is to create this stripped back look designed with features such as sleek and simple lines. Based on the type of metal, your metal ceiling light will either provide a touch of elegance or a toned down, serious and tone down feeling.

3 Light Heads Antique Rustic Iron Frame Icosahedron Shade Mid Century Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

Minimalist in design, this ceiling pendant puts emphasis on its material. The sleek black lines and angles of the metal is characteristic to the contemporary style and will bring a clean sense of balance to its surroundings. This metal ceiling light will be perfect for those who are looking for an stylish and minimalist decor.

Wooden ceiling light

On the other hand, wooden ceiling light have the property to make the space which it occupies become warmer. You might want to choose a wooden ceiling light if your decor is more of the type to be warm and cozy. You will generally choose to design your room to fit the Farmhouse style. Having said this, depending on the shade of the wood, a wooden ceiling light can also be used to reflect a more natural and Eco-friendly atmosphere. Your surroundings might look more fresh and bright.

Farmhouse pendant, ceiling light, wooden light

Large Vintage Wine Barrel 2-Tiers 12 Light Heads Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

Composed of six smoothly curved boards of pale or dark woods, the structure is reminiscent of a unique and ancient design which will add eccentricity to your home decor. This wooden ceiling light will bring you warmth and comfort.

Having said all of this, I am sure that you will be able to make a good choice between either a metal ceiling light or a wooden ceiling light. Who knows, maybe you will end up getting both for a different for and for a different type of style. You will be able to find even more ceiling lights by browsing through Lighting Must!

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