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Louis Poulsen Artichoke inspired design

Written by Cindy L
The Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke, more precisely the Louis Poulsen Poul Henningsen Artichoke, is a beautiful chandelier ceiling light that was designed in 1958. It’s purpose was to be used for a restaurant located in the capital of Denmark, the Langelinie Pavillonen. This restaurant had for theme modernity and the installation of this light would help to enchant visitors, still today. Because of this unique and unconventional features,  this Artichoke design is viewed as an international classical design icon. In order to ensure a quality and high level illumination to have  a glare-free light from all direction, the production is still done by hand.
PH Louis Poulsen - artichoke - chandelier- REPRODUCTION

PH Louis Poulsen artichoke chandelier pendant ceiling light 24″ – REPRODUCTION

PH Louis Poulsen Artichoke inspired design for cheaper!

This high hand quality light has however a tremendous price. From the perfectly positioned leaves done by hand to the famous brand and designer name, the price follows it. Most of us, normal middle class people are far from being able to afford this kind of light. In fact, the Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke can go higher than 15,000 ,a large sum that most people are not ready to pay for a mere ceiling light. That’s why this inspired Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke design is great. For a much lesser price but still good quality,this PH Artichoke chandelier inspired design will do the trick.
PH Louis Poulsen -artichoke-REPRODUCTION

PH Louis Poulsen artichoke chandelier pendant ceiling light 24″ – REPRODUCTION

Concept of the Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke

It’s concept is exactly the same as the original. Illuminate its surroundings with a diffused light to create glare-free light and a comfortable ambiance. With Lighting Must, this light will be available in white, bronze, or silver, this modern pendant light remains true to its namesake, and is shaped to resemble an artichoke. Dozens of acrylic petals are layered one on top of the other to form a blooming flower structure that is both organic and futuristic. Impressively designed, the Artichoke-style pendant ceiling light is poetic, minimalist and remains a timeless classic in the Scandinavian home decor style. Check out our articles of Scandinavian lighting designs..
PH Louis Poulsen-artichoke-chandelier-REPRODUCTION

PH Louis Poulsen artichoke chandelier pendant ceiling light 19″ – REPRODUCTION

You can also check out other Louis Poulsen PH ispired design such as the Louis poulsen PH50 reproduction. This simply designed ceiling lamp is composed of several shades created to eliminate glare and distribute the light evenly. The smooth curves of this lamp creates a poetic yet functional light fixture. Available in red or white, this pendant ceiling light is perfect for a modern kitchen or living room seeking to add a pop of color, or looking for a soothing presence.
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