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Lighting Trends of 2018

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2018 has brought us new trends of lighting to explore and work with.  We are here to guide you through them and to help you which one can work the best for your home. So without further ado, here are the lighting trends of 2018

Geometrical Shapes


3 Light Heads Antique Rustic Iron Frame Icosahedron Shade Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture 16″

The modern geometrical lights are rising in popularity this year. With the simplistic yet tasteful designs, the geometrical lights are a subtle statement piece in a minimalist home. Combined with a monochrome style of home decor, a black or white framed geometric ceiling light goes a long way to enhance the modern style of your home. The straight lines and angles of any geometric pendant will create a good contrast with a softer environment with curved furniture, or further empathize the organisation or an angular decor.

Warm Metal Tones


Metal Wire Mesh Drum Shade Rustic Brown Nostalgic Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

Warm metal finishes are trending this year. Warm gold and bronze, the rise in popularity of the warm metal finishes can be associated to the popular rose gold color. While metals are usually perceived as having cooler tones and is often used to tone down brighter materials, the warm metals brings a soothing coziness with their warm tones on the spectrum of color. Warm metal light fixtures goes especially well with a cozy style of home design that features warm neutral colors.

Eccentric Ceiling Lights


Sputnik Gold Spike Starburst Light Modern Glam Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

In this day and age, everyone wants to their style to stand out, and what better way to do it than to add an eccentric ceiling light to decorate your rooms. The Starburst Sputnik chandelier is definitively a one of a kind ceiling pendant that will attract the right kind of attention with its dynamic and unique design. Lights with specific themes, weird shapes, or even animal shapes are choices that you can consider. Nowadays, there are less restrictions about home decor and there is less the need to match everything, so getting a one of a king ceiling light fixture can allow you to make a statement in your house.


Industrial lighting Is Back


3 Heads Amber Glass & Iron Steel Shade Nostalgic Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture 45″

The Industrial style of lighting is back and stronger than ever. Known for its bare, elemental but innovative designs, the industrial style of lighting fits perfectly into a minimalist style home while adding a dash of ingenuity. Mainly composed of metals or glass, industrial lights are often in a cooler tone and features straight lights and angles. It is a simple and effective style to illuminate your house while creating a visual impact with a practical yet beautiful statement piece.

In my post about the lighting styles, I explain more in depth about the other lighting style.

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Mixed Materials are trending


Rustic Square Wood Metal Mini Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light

Wood, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, twine or jute, all these materials can be combined to form original ceiling light designs. While metals are known for their cooling effect, wood does the contrary and adds warmth to it surroundings, which is why wood and metal are often combined to form artful and classic ceiling lights. A well balanced light brings balance to your whole house. Glass and crystals reflect light and can be used to brighten up a light that has darker tones. There are plenty of ceiling lights with interesting mixes of materials, you just have to find the right one for you.

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Large Statement Pieces


Crystal Acrylic Beads Gold Metal Frame Modern Glam Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture 28″

Larger statement pieces are back in trending. When you have a big house with higher ceilings, what is better than to brighten your space with a large chandelier, or a multi pendant ceiling light? Go for a traditional chandelier like the one above, or a modern, contemporary one to showcase your style to your guests. Large statement lighting piece ceiling lights create a memorable visual impact and wows anyone entering the room. Placed above the entryway of the foyer, or above a stylish kitchen island, any statement piece ceiling light will be the center of attention.

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In the end, the light that you choose should be the one that resonates the most with you. Choosing the best lights takes time and effort. We wish you the best of luck in finding the right lights for your home.

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