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Written by Cindy L

Living in a small space necessarily requires to face many obstacles in regard to obtain a trendy decor. The biggest challenge for a small room is for it to look stylish and not cluttered. Since your space is restricted, sacrificing many trendy elements of decoration or even basic respectable sized furniture is needed. For that reason, lighting fixtures are hard to find in this situation and here are some advice to help you.

Use strategy and smart choices for lighting fixtures

modern glam-sconce wall light-light

modern glam sconce wall light BL7 BestLite British design aluminum

When it comes to small rooms, every inch of your space is important. From the ceiling to the bottom, everything can be used. That also includes your walls. You have to take advantage your the wall space that your wall space has to offer. For example, opting for lighting fixtures such as  wall sconces and wall lights will definitely add style and flair to your room. You can’t forget that wall lights are quite useful when it comes to brighten up small corners without using floor space. The only thing that I would have to say concerning wall lights would be to not overuse it. That would only make you come back to the first problem.

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Optional advice, don’t use lampshade!

This advice is optional but it is still important to say it. It’s good to know that lampshades aren’t the best choice when it comes to small spaces. They will darken your room and take space for nothing. Try to not use it as it will most probably create a gloomy  effect. However, if you cannot get away from it, it is not that big of a deal.

Large chandeliers are a big NO NO! 

Crystal starburst-sputnik - light fixture

Crystal starburst sputnik chandelier light fixture 24 light

The biggest mistake of all that you shouldn’t be doing are big, large and overwhelming structures. That is the biggest no no for small rooms. Chandeliers, huge ceiling lights or intricate pendant lights will only give an overwhelming  feeling . Oversize fixture will not only … but also make your room look even smaller than it is! However, I can’t force you if you are not convinced. You can always check out our chandeliers lighting fixtures.

Industrial flush mount, ceiling light, flush mount,

3 Heads square shape Clear Glass Oil Rubbed Bronze Industrial Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

If you are going for a ceiling light fixture, try something small. A small flush mount light would be a good option. To choose the right lighting fixture for your room, there are, three factors that you might want take in account. The style that you are going for would be one, the purpose of your light and finally the importance of this light in the decor. You can also find inspiration to find a ceiling light to reflect your personality.

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