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Light fixtures and their different materials

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The material of your ceiling light fixtures or other lighting furniture in your home can have a big impact on the style of your rooms. Therefore, choosing the right material for your lights is an important step when thinking about redecorating your home. Metal, glass, crystal, wood, each material bring new elements and personality, and in the following paragraphs, I will list out the most common material from which the lights are made so that you can have a better understanding of which kind of ceiling light might suit you best.

Metal light fixtures are versatile

Metal fixtures are known to be of a cooler tone. Strong, and sturdy, the use of metallic material is often the base of many light fixtures. Depending on the shape the metal takes, it can represent different style and eras. Simple, straight metal rods are more pronounced in industrial and mid-century designs as metals create straight lines and angles to convey an air of minimalism and utilitarian. Metal light fixtures are often simple, yet there can be elegance created by gentle twists and curls when it is used to create an elaborate chandelier in the Modern Glam style. Curves can also soften the look of the ceiling light without losing any of the modern or minimalist style.  Metal is an extremely versatile material that can be found in all lighting styles.


Georgetown Openwork Frame Foyer Lantern Modern Glam Pendant Ceiling Lamp

This modest and symmetrical style echos the colonial style of home decor in its elegant simplicity.


Elizabeth Crystal Silver Leaf Finish Modern Glam Chandelier Ceiling Lights

The delicate silver tendrils is draped with a thin crystal bead chain adorned with crystal pendants.

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Glass light fixtures for light

Glass in also a material perceived as being more modern but can be found in a variety of styles depending on the color of the glass, clarity and polish of the glass. Glass can be used to create stained glass lights indicative or an art-deco style, or can convey simple utilitarianism in the industrial style. Clear glass is a good light shade as it lets the rays of light through without altering its course too drastically. Glass can become either warm or cool with different tints.



Antique Clear Glass Square Lantern Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

With its frame fashioned from sleek, black iron, combined with the glass case encircling the bulb, the design of the clear glass pendant lamp is in the style of a cool industrialism.


3 Heads Amber Glass & Iron Steel Shade Nostalgic Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture 45″

The vintage iron frame and the tinted glass domes of each of the three light effectively reflects and direct the rays onto the work space.

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Crystal light fixtures for glam

Crystal is the material you turn to to add glam and luxury. A great reflector and refactor of light, crystals create a breathtaking play of light if used correctly. There are different cuts of crystals, but all in all, this material will add a flair of drama in your home. Usually found in the Modern Glam lighting style, crystal ceiling lights are good to illuminate and accentuate. Crystal light fixtures make for a good centerpiece to harmonize the decor of a room. Perfect for a house seeking to add luxury and drama to its decor.


Bubble Crystal Ball Drum Shade Lamp Modern Glam Mini Flush Mount Ceiling Light

This oval crystal pendant light is enveloped in a silver silk shade, with ethereal crystal globes hanging from its center

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Wood light fixtures for warmth

Wood is a known to be a warm material. Oftentimes used alongside metal, the warm tone of the wood balances out the cool tone of the metal to create harmony. When used alone, wood brings a raw, organic feel to the house. Often seen in Farmhouse, Mid-century, or Industrial lighting styles, wood is an organic material that contributes to a minimalist and balanced style in any light fixtures.


Wood Oil Rubbed Bronze Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

A thin, angular bronze frame supports the polished warm oak beam, successfully blending organic and inorganic materials in a true contemporary style.

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All in all, the most important aspect of finding light fixtures that are right fro your home is that you like it. The right material for said light fixture can influence how it interacts with the decor of your room and accentuate the style that you are aiming for. Therefore, take your time to find a ceiling light that is right for you and your home.

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