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How to select a crystal chrome pendant ceiling light fixture?

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Today, more and more people select a crystal chrome pendant lighting as their style for the new house or decorate their room. As we known, the crystal lighting is very modern and luxurious feeling for the owner or guest. Under this purpose, I highly recommended our 32″ crystal chrome ribbed glass shade modern glam pendant ceiling light fixture for your all style. This beautiful crystal ceiling light is designed to impress and mesmerize. Taking inspiration from the Modern Glam Style, this crystal pendant ceiling light feature a delicate oval metallic frame with a chrome finish and two adjustable metal rods secures it to the ceiling. The ribbed glass shade lets the light filter through and casts a gilded light onto its sur roundings. With three tiers of teardrop crystal pendants hanging from its center, this modern glam inspired ceiling pendant light ensures that the room is illuminated with every ray of light refracting on each of the crystals, creating a feeling of luxury and decadence. Ten 40w light bulbs provide the source of light for this crystal pendant, effectively illuminating any room it will reside in.


Room suitability

  • Dining room: Illuminate your dining room with this Crystal Pendant light well-centered above your dining table.
  • Kitchen: Accentuate your kitchen space with this Modern Glam inspired pendant above your kitchen island.
  • Foyer: Impress your guests with this Crystal Modern Glass ceiling pendant placed above the center of your foyer.

In a commercial setting:


Crystal Glass Buds Tree Like Chrome Finish Light Modern Glam Floor Lamp

this crystal pendant will harmonize well with a theme of elegance and luxury. Be it for a restaurant or an office, this ceiling light will add a sense of uniqueness and effectively illuminate your workspace while adding a dash of drama with the multitude of refracted rays of light.
The Crystal Chrome Ribbed Glass Shade Pendant Modern Glam ceiling light will certainly enhance and refine the style of your space and create an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece for any environment.
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