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Floor lamp: How to find the perfect one?

Written by Cindy L

There is nothing better than a Floor lamp to give life to a room. However, finding the right one might be a difficult choice. There are two big points in finding the perfect floor lamp. The first thing is the to find the floor lamp that matches with your decor. The second one is to find the purpose of your light. If the is the purpose actually for illuminate your surroundings then your perfect light might be different than someone that is looking  for aesthetics.But besides the two main components, here are some points to check of your list even before attacking and looking at these two points.

A Floor Lamp that doesn’t take space




Crystal Glass Buds Tree Like Chrome Finish Light Modern Glam Floor Lamp

In general , what people are looking for in a floor lamp is a lamp that does not take to much space. That is one of the main key points of finding a floor lamp. You might want to choose something that does not take to much floor space. That way, you will be able to save as much space as possible. Another point in finding the perfect floor lamp is the quality and the material. You will be able to find the perfect light by looking at its material. A floor lamp that is solid and sturdy is a great beginning.

Projects the appropriate style for the decor

The last aspect besides the quality, material and the maximization of space is the atmosphere that it provides. Corresponding to your needs, you might go for something more gentle, warm and comforting (like the Farmhouse Style) or for the complete opposite.  Something that you provide a proper ambiance would be something from the Serge Mouille collection. This Scandinavian light will want to make you want to stay in your study room and you will enjoy your time reading there. Perfect for the office, this carbonized black lamp embodies professionalism. It will set you to work in just a few seconds.

Serge Mouille-Scandinavian style-Mid Century-Floor Lamp

Serge Mouille Scandinavian style 1 head Carbonized steel black Mid Century Floor Lamp 63″

Combining style, aesthetic, space minimalist and projection, I will guaranty that you will be able to find the perfect floor lamp for you and your decor.

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