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Hallway lights and why they matter?

We don’t often think about the light fixtures illuminating our hallways, but hallway lights are an essential part of your home as the hallways are the linking paths to all your rooms. To create a coherent look throughout your house, it is essential to choose the right hallway lights to harmonize with the overall style of your house.  Here are some elements that you should consider for your hallway to decide how many and what kind of ceiling light do you need.

How long is your hallway?

The length of your hallway decides how many hallway lights do you need. Depending on the kind of ceiling lights you get, in order to effectively illuminate your path, you will need more than one light fixture. In the case of the Integrated LED Square, it is a simple and space saving ceiling flush mount that will emit enough light on a 1-2 m radius. However, with the length of this hallway, there is a need for more than one. This simple statement light brings modern style to the whole hallway.

Mid century ceiling light, flush mount ceiling light

Integrated Led Square Commercial Mid Century Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

How wide is your hallway?

The wider your hallway is, the bigger should your light fixtures be in order to avoid your light being overwhelmed by the rest of the space. Ranging in one of the medium sized yet luxurious ceiling flush mount, the crystal strands Polished Chrome flush mount is perfect for a lightly wider and well-decorated hallway in a modern glam home.

crystal flush mount, flush mount ceiling light

Crystal strands Polished Chrome Aluminum Bar Shade Modern Glam Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

Having one or more ceiling light in your hallway that can connect the style of your whole house really creates a coherent look throughout your house. there are all types of pendant lightsflush mount, or even wall sconces that you can explore to find the perfect one for your hallway.

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