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Great wood kitchen island chandelier pendant lighting

Wood Kitchen Island Chandelier Pendant Lighting
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Rustic in its elegance, the Cross Framed Rectangular Island Chandelier is a one of a kind ceiling light. Very rustic in design, two weathered wooden frame are secured in place by black steel fixture. Twine rope then criss crosses from one board to the other to form diamond patterns. The wood and the twine being organic materials, brings life and warmth to this pendant ceiling light while the inner metal candelabra balances the design with a cooler and more modern tone. With either 3 or 5 vintage style light bulbs, the Cross Framed chandelier maintains its rustic industrial charms and will shine its brightest when installed in a home with wood tones to accentuate the warmth.

Pair it with the Round Wood Shade Pendant to create a coherent look throughout your house.

Cross Framed Rectangular Island Farmhouse Chandelier Ceiling Light

Room Suitability

  • Kitchen island light: Place this rustic Rectangular Island Chandelier above your island and drastically enhance the decor of your kitchen.
  • Dining room light: Impress the guests at your table with this refined and elegant wooden chandelier.
  • Living room light: Create a cozy and warm atmosphere with this beautifully designed wooden rectangular pendant light.

For a commercial space with a warm and rustic decor, the Cross Framed Rectangular Island Chandelier will further enhance the rustic elegance of the space. Suitable as ambiance lights for a well-decorated restaurant or a inviting centerpiece for a specialty business, this wood ceiling light will be able to fully personify the spirit of your business.


  • 5 bulbs
    • Length: 32” (81.28 cm)
    • Height: 10.6” (27 cm)
  • 3 bulbs
    • Length: 24” (61 cm)
    • Height: 10.6” (27 cm)
  • Rod length: 39” (99 cm)

The elegant Cross Framed Rectangular Island Chandelier channels an aged and rustic light fixture style. True to its Farmhouse design, this beautiful Cross Frame Chandelier will bring a cozy yet sophisticated air to the decor of your home.

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