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Finding a Ceiling Light for My Kitchen

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Choosing the right ceiling light can often be difficult. Especially when it comes to a kitchen ceiling light, finding the right centerpiece for your kitchen is often an arduous task that is time consuming. Consider the space you have in your kitchen and the style of your home, and you already know what choices to eliminate. Here are some category of ceiling lights that is appropriate for the kitchen.

Chandelier light

Chandeliers are the perfect centerpiece in a house with a luxurious and dramatic decor. While it can be space consuming, the sizes of chandeliers can vary and depending on the height of your ceiling, you can allow yourself to purchase a bigger or smaller chandelier. Most chandeliers are made of crystals and designed to impress and bedazzle your guests, which makes it the perfect ceiling light in a kitchen that will see a lot of social gatherings and parties. Chandeliers lights are a good conversation starter.


Crystal Acrylic Beads Gold Metal Frame Modern Glam Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture 28″

The Crystal Acrylic Beads Farmhouse Pendant is a breathtakingly elegant chandelier that will instantly attract your attention. Due to its bigger size, it is unfortunately only suitable for houses with higher ceilings.


This extravagant Odeon Clear Glass Fringe 3-tier Crystal Chandelier makes a statement with its Modern Glam inspired crystal pendants

Embodying the essence of mid century modern glam, the odeon crystal chandelier is a simple, elegant chandelier for anyone seeking to add a dash of glamour and luxury to their home. Smaller in size, this chandelier is perfect for a smaller home that wants to enhance their style with the addition of a crystal chandelier.

Multi-pendant ceiling light

Multi pendant ceiling lights are an efficient way to illuminate your kitchen as they are basically many lights clustered into one light fixture. Mostly designed to be more modern, multi-pendant ceiling lights as kitchen lights brings a contemporary style to your home while also being efficient in illuminating your surroundings.


3 Heads Amber Glass & Iron Steel Shade Nostalgic Industrial Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture 45″

The 3 Heads Amber Glass & Iron Steel Shade Pendant takes inspiration from the old industrial lighting styles, the glass domes of each of the three light effectively reflects and direct the rays onto the dining space, With adjustable chains, this multi-pendant ceiling light can easily fit into most kitchens with lower ceilings.


6 Light Heads Crystal Island Polished Chrome Modern Glam Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

  • The 6 Light Crystal Island Pendant is a a grand multi-pendant rectangular ceiling light that brings a dash of fantasy and modernity to its surroundings. This multi-pendant is truly is a modern ceiling light and will definitely enhance the style of your kitchen while effectively illuminating your kitchen.

Pendant light

A pendant light for the kitchen can be a simple way to decorate your space without cluttering. One single pendant can make a big difference in the style of a kitchen and getting a more eccentric ceiling pendant light instantly adds an interesting and playful style to your home.


Poul Henningsen PH50 Lamp Inspired Ceiling Lamp


The smooth curves of this lamp creates a poetic yet functional light fixture. This Poul Henningsen inspired lamp is clean, minimalist, and contemporary. Perfect for a modern kitchen with a simple, contemporary decor. This ceiling pendant light can fit beautifully in a smaller kitchen that will be accentuated by this centerpiece.


Astral Sputnik Satellite Starburst 4 Light Modern Glam Chandelier Ceiling Light

With a multitude of metallic strands in different length sticking out from the center, this Sputnik starburst flush mount is truly a work of contemporary art. This ceiling light fixture will shine brightly and illuminate your room in a halo of silver or gold. hen placed in your kitchen, this eccentric and fun pendant light will breathe a playful character into your surroundings.

Flush mounts lighting

For a smaller kitchen with lower ceilings, or if you just do not want to get a overly decorative ceiling light for your kitchen, a flush mount ceiling light can be the appropriate choice. Installed straight into the ceiling, these flush mounts take very little place while bringing a lot of artistry to the decor.


Crystal strands Polished Chrome Aluminum Bar Shade Modern Glam Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

This dazzling Crystal strands Polished Chrome Flush Mount aims to impress with the beautiful play of light created by its crystals strands. Installed above the kitchen table or island, you will be able to let your personality shine while illuminate the space.


Serge Mouille Scandinavian Style 3 Rotating Arms Carbonized Steel Black Mid Century Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Sleek and innovative, this boldly designed 3 Rotating Carbonised Steel Black Flush Mount is designed to effectively illuminate your room. With three rotating heads, this ceiling flush mount is super sleek and modern, and will reinforce that feeling in your kitchen and throughout your house.

Hopefully, you were inspired by the examples given in this post. I wish you all good luck in finding the perfect ceiling light for your kitchens!

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