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Dining room ceiling lights

Written by Cindy L

In order to enhance your dining room, it is important to add something that is going to pop out of the ordinary. However, it is also important that this special something fits properly in order to match the style of the dining room. That’s why ceiling lights are great. They are the key element that can make a dining room change style and also subtlety upgrade it . Adding to that, they will be able to effectively convey the atmosphere that would will be looking for. Here are some style of dining room ceiling lights.

Crystal chandeliers for a luxurious dining room 

Odeon Clear Glass Fringe 3-tier Crystal Mid-century Chandelier Ceiling light

With its multi-tiered crystal pendants, this elegant 3-tier clear crystal chandelier mid-century pendant lighting will refract any ray of light beautifully. This mid-century and modern glam inspired light fixture takes the elements of an antique crystal chandelier and incorporates it into a modern and eccentric design. Embodying the essence of mid century modern glam, this crystal chandelier is a simple, elegant chandelier for anyone seeking to add a dash of glamour and luxury to their home. Centered at its sleek, metal frame, rings of crystal fringes plunges down in three layered tiers, refracting lights like a labyrinth of mirrors.

Modern ceiling light to bring creativity to your dining room 

ceiling light-pendant -chandelier-Rectangular

Rectangular chandelier light fabric shade white pendant ceiling light

Cast a warm light and bring comfort in your dining room with this rectangular shade pendant light well-centered above your dining table.This 48″ Rectangular chandelier Rectangular light fabric Modern Ceiling Light is a balanced blend of simplicity and elegance. In a manner true to the modern and contemporary lighting style, this pendant light features a sleek, metallic frame with a chrome finish. The neutral tone of the textured ivory shade or black shade also contributes to the simple, smoothing design of this ceiling light.With its sleek and simple composition, the linen shade pendant light is a clean and simple statement piece to complete the style of your home.

Pendant ceiling light to add innovation to your look

pendant-ceiling light-chandelier

6 lights water pipe chandelier industrial pendant ceiling light

The Water Pipe Faucet Dip Pendant Ceiling Light is a modern, industrial chandelier. The entire frame is made of black, iron pipes. The entire frame is made of black, iron pipes. At the end of each pipe, there is a faucet from which a Edison light bulb hangs, illuminating this pendant light’s surroundings in a warm light of innovation. This style reflects a bold and creative style. Perfect for your dining room, the water pipe faucet pendant light is a unique, enterprising design that sets it apart from other ceiling lights. Each light bulbs are placed at the end of pending strings that are linked with branches placed one above the other in a way the the iron pipes are perpendicular to one above another.

Industrial ceiling light for more style

ceiling light-industrial light-chandelier-iron steel

3 Lights iron steel shade chandelier industrial pendant ceiling light

The 3 Lights Iron Steel Shade Pendant takes inspiration from the old industrial lighting styles. The vintage iron frame is sleek and straight to the point. The glass domes of each of the three light effectively reflects and direct the rays onto the work space. This multi-pendant light fixture is dynamic and efficient, reflecting perfectly the spirit of the industrial movement.  Illuminating your kitchen or dining room, this pendant ceiling light will bring a sense of style to the decor of your dining room. This lighting fixture will blend to the perfection to an industrial and rustic decor as it will also liven up the atmosphere of your dining room and accentuate the room with the amber glass and steel shade.

Farmhouse ceiling light to bring warmth to your dining room
kitchen island- chandelier-pendant lighting-farmhouse ceiling light

Wood Kitchen Island Chandelier Pendant Lighting

Rustic in its elegance, the Wood kitchen Island Farmhouse Chandelier is a one of a kind ceiling light. Very rustic in design, two weathered wooden frame are secured in place by black steel fixture. Twine rope then criss crosses from one board to the other to form diamond patterns. The wood and the twine being organic materials, brings life and warmth to this pendant ceiling light while the inner metal candelabra balances the design with a cooler and more modern tone. You will be able to impress and bring warmth to the guests at your table with this refined and elegant wooden chandelier.

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