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Ceiling light styles for your home

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Thinking about renovating your house by adding a special ceiling light to give your home a whole new look? Finding inspiration online can sometimes become confusing with all the different styles of light fixtures floating around. Finding the right style of light fixtures that will fit your style can become a challenge. On this post, I will briefly explain some of the main lighting styles that are popular in home decor right now to help you find one that will match your personality.

Mid-century modern lighting style 


The mid-century style is as the name suggests, modern. Ceiling lights of this style are usually minimalist, sometimes unconventional, with sleek angles, and uses materials such as metal and woods. Although this style does stick to the essential, it is in no way cold and harsh. The use of geometrical shapes and curves and the blend of organic and inorganic material aims to create a balance to the house. This style is perfect for a modern home with stylish but simple decor.


Farmhouse lighting style 


The Farmhouse lighting style can be described as rustic. However, compared to the rustic style of home decor, the most discernible difference is that the farmhouse style emphasizes more on warmth and comfort. While what is referred to as the rustic style is bare and elemental, focusing on the raw elements of a structure, the farmhouse style is softer compared to it. A farmhouse light is perfect for a warm and cozy home. A little bit of clutter wont matter as this light will shine upon your walls and bring comfort to your home. Click farmhouse ceiling lights to discover more.



Industrial lighting style 

The industrial style is, like the mid-century style, not a overly decorated home decor style.  ceiling light fixtures of this style likes to showcase its material and creation process and, as its name suggests, will draw inspiration from the industrial setting such as warehouses. This style focuses on the functionality of the lights, and will mainly feature metals and wood. Often coming in darker shades, the farmhouse light fixtures brings warmth to your home while adding a sense of innovation. Visit industrial ceiling light to discover more.


Modern glam lighting style 


Finally, the modern glam ceiling lights style is vastly different from all the lighting  styles above. It is shiny, oftentimes with crystals or other embellishments. This is the style where you find the classic crystal chandelier. It exudes luxury and decadence. For those seeking to bedazzle their home, this lighting style is definitely for you.

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