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Chandeliers were first introduced into the late 14th century. Derived from the Latin word candela meaning candle, we can already see in which direction and why they would call it like that. “With a history spam of more than 800 years, the earlier chandeliers first used during Medieval period would only be used by the rich and wealthy. Because of the fact that only monarchs and the rich aristocracy were able to access and afford these decorating lighting structures, chandeliers became associated with luxury, grandeur and money.  They grew to become a symbol of wealth as well as  power since only people from the highest class of society would have it. Chandeliers can not only be designed like this timeless design that we know of we we think of chandelier but they are available in may styles ranging from the farmhouse lighting style to the conventional crystal light.

 Crystal Silver Leaf Finish Modern Glam Chandelier Ceiling Light

Crystal-Modern Glam-Chandelier-Ceiling Light

Crystal Silver Leaf Finish Modern Glam Chandelier Ceiling Light

The Crystal Silver Leaf Finish Modern Glam Ceiling Light is an airy and elegant ceiling light fashioned from silver chrome and sparkling crystals. The delicate silver chrome framework is tenderly curved at the ends to support the six beautiful candelabras. A thin crystal bead chain adorned with crystal pendants is artfully draped onto the silver tendrils. The final touch is an enchanting crystal prism hanging from the bottom of the frame, contributing to elongate the shape of the chandelier to accentuate its elegance. When illuminated, the gentle glow will cast a soothing yet breathtakingly gorgeous. The lights refracted upon the crystal pendants will create an enchanting play of light on the walls of any room.

Antique 6 Light Candle Chandelier Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light 

Antique-Farmhouse-Pendant - Ceiling Light -Light Fixture

Antique 6 Light Candle Rope Jute Wrapped Farmhouse Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

With an imposing vintage circular iron frame on which the candle-style light bulbs arranged, the ceiling light makes a striking figure. The sturdy ring of iron supports 8 vintage style lights in the style of antique medieval chandeliers. Striking an imposing figure, the Antique 6 Light Candle Jute Wrapped Farmhouse pendant makes for a perfect centerpiece for a farmhouse style house. The four jute wrapped cords contribute to soften the coldness of the black iron by adding a neutral, organic tone. Inorganic materials and organic materials combined together create a balanced design that will bring comfort to any home.

Gaslight Lens Industrial Chandelier Ceiling Light

 Industrial-Chandelier -Ceiling Light

Gaslight Lens Industrial Chandelier Ceiling Light

The Gaslight Lens Industrial Chandelier has a peculiar design that makes it stand out from other industrial lights. Vintage in design, this bronze and black steel chandelier is a 6 branched candelabra with antique style light bulbs to add to the aged, timeless look. Reflectors are placed in front of each bulb and acts as a projector to disperse the light and further the reach of the rays, reminiscent of the light beams of a lighthouse. This light adds a flair of drama to the decor with its vintage aesthetics. The ingenious design and unique vintage style also embodies the steampunk style, and will be a beautiful addition to any home with an eccentric decor.

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