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Ceiling lights: Rounded vs. Angular

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There are as many shapes and styles of ceiling lights as there are fishes in the sea. However, there is not always that many light fixtures that can suit your home. It is a long elimination process until you find the right one for you. One of the first aspects to start considering is the shape of the light that you are looking for.

Two main shapes of ceiling lights

Although there are all kinds of different and sometimes downright weird light fixture shapes, they can fairly easily be separated into two categories: Rounded or Angular.

Rounded ceiling lights 

Look at your space. Focus on the lines formed by the furniture, by the ceiling, and by the walls. of your room. Do you notice more curved or straight lines? Curves contribute to soften the look of your space, and if that is the effect that you desire to create, a rounded ceiling light with soft curves is the best one for you.

Consider the Tom Dixon Beat Shade Pendant, or the Stanton Farmhouse Chandelier to maintain the continuation of the curves in your living space. Looking at the Sputnik Starburst Chandelier bellow, you can notice that although it is composed of straight lines, its general shape is in fact rounded, which give it a avant-garde yet soothing style.

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24 Light Heads Sputnik Satellite Starburst Modern Glam Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture 


Angular ceiling lights

Now as for angular ceiling light fixtures, they tend to look more harsh, as the straight lines cut through each other to form the sharp angles. Angular decor gives off a feeling of clean efficiency, and is therefore popular in the industrial lighting style. When looking at the 4 Bulbs Walnut Collingwood  Cube, we can see that being completely composed of straight wooden boards, it gives of a secure feeling and a sentiment of comfort.

Seen below, notice how the room is mainly composed of straight lines, and how the Icosahedrom Pendant blends well with the lines of the room.

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3 Light Heads Antique Rustic Iron Frame Icosahedron Shade Mid Century Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

In everyday life, rounded and angular lines coexist together. Home decor is all about balance, and blending rounded and angular lines to create a well-rounded home decor is the goal that most home decorators strive for.

In the hopes that this article was helpful to you, I now leave you to explore all the possible ceiling lights for your home at LightingMust.com

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