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A guide to Layered Lighting

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Having a good lighting design can be hard to achieve when you do not know what to focus on. Only adding a nice pendant light or a flush mount is not always enough to properly illuminate your space. The key to a good lighting layout is to layer your light sources! Here are some tips that you should know when renovating your home in order to achieve a beautiful and well-lit space.

Three kinds of lighting

Ambient lighting

Ambient lights are responsible for the overall lighting in a room. It is the gentle glow that illuminates the whole room and allows you to move about. A good ambient light is the foundation of your lighting layers. This source of light can either come from a single pendantchandelier, or flush mount, or can originate from multiple recess lights in a style that has been gaining popularity. Having a statement light as your ambient light is a good way to draw attention to your light fixture choices while enhancing the style of your space. However, oftentimes, for a good light layering, there needs to be other types of lighting to created a diverse illumination of your space.

Accent lighting

Accent lights are to highlight certain parts of your space that you want to put on display, and create different focal points. Statement pendant and chandelier strategically placed above displays or furniture can also apply to this category. Wall sconces are also a good example of this type of light layer.

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The recess lights act as ambient light while the pendants above the kitchen island and the dining table act as accent lighting.

Task light

Now task lights are used when you perform a specific action. Table and floor lamps fit in this category because they are used to illuminate the space you work in. Similar to accent lights, their range of illumination are inferior to ambient lights and are used to light up certain spot in the house. Lamps are good light fixtures to place in the bedroom and living room. They provide you with a cozy light for reading and other activities.

To achieve a good lighting layout, especially in large spaces such as your kitchen, dining room or living room, it is essential to have elements of all three types of lighting to provide you with the light you need depending on the task that you have at hand.

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